Calling All Fathers!

With this year’s Father’s Day come and gone, one thing stands out.  This year there was much to do about the absence of fathers as a guiding force in the lives of their children… thus contributing to the decline of civilization.

Well, no shit Sherlock!  Any real man knows that a Father is not biological, but influential.  Any Father who is worth a crap, understands that the quality of his relationship with his children will have a direct impact on the future success and happiness of those children.

But we have a problem in America today.  We have a shortage of real men… a shortage of Fathers, and it’s reaching crisis proportions.  You know -… you can’t have your cake and eat it too.  You can’t make changes to the structure of a family without changing the type of children that family produces (good or bad).

So, are we to blame our societal problems on bad Fathers?  I don’t think we should.  I think many of the social problems the country faces today are because of bad parenting (fathers and mothers alike), and the breakdown of the family structure.  But the solution will come from men… real men that is.

I am calling on all Fathers to stand and be real men.  To take charge of their family’s situation and set a course for their future.  I’m calling on all Fathers to be responsible, dilligent and committed to being the best providers possible.  I’m calling on all Fathers to say no to divorce; to stand up and say with conviction, “You are my wife and I love you.  We are in this together no  matter what, and ending this marriage is NOT okay with me!”  And I am calling on all Fathers to set an example for their children of what it means to be a real man… loving, generous and compassionate on the inside, and tough as nails on the outside.

We love to make jokes in this country about how stupid men are… just watch any sitcom for a few minutes to see what I’m talking about.  Well, you can only dope down men for so long before boys start  getting the wrong message and develop an affinity for lower standards.  … I’m not laughing; it’s just not funny anymore.

So, I’m calling all Fathers to demonstrate the courage necessary to forge a new generation of “real” men.

Will you answer the call? … think about it.

 Coach Morse


~ by coachmorse on June 20, 2007.

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